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Tests of green polyester tapes for laminated glass safety glazing

Tests of green polyester tapes for laminated glass safety glazing

Hi Peter.
I am interested in the 50mm wide roll.
Do you know what temperature this is rated to?

Dear S******
180℃Continuously heating
200℃Discontinuously heating

Thanks Peter.
This could work.
Would it be possible to get a sample sent over of the 50mm wide?

Dear S
We will send the tape samples tomorrow in China.

Thank you Peter.

Hi Peter.
A quick update on the green tape.
We have done 3 cycle tests on the green tape and it has passed them all.
We just need to try a few more tests on how it reacts with a few other products but so far we are very happy with it.
If the next few tests go as well as they have already I will put an order in next week.

Dear S
Thanks very much for your updates.
We look forward to further test results.
Have a nice day.

Hi Peter.
Great news, your tape has passed all the tests.
Can I please get a quote for 50 rolls of 50mm66MPlus postage toAustralia.
Thank you

Dear S
The MOQ is 2 box, so it will be 108rolls , can you accept it?
The tape can be stored for long time, and 2 boxes will make the shipping cost lower at average.
After your confirmation, we will send you invoice immediately.

Hi Peter.
We normally order 100 every 4-6 weeks so 108 won’t be a problem.

Dear S
The invoice is attached, please check, either paypal payment or bank wire is Ok for us.
Thanks very much.

Dear S
We are getting end of financial year sorted here in Australia so unfortunately our accounts team are busy at another site for a few days.
I have requested it be paid by this Friday.

Dear S
Well noted, we will get the tapes ready in advance.
Thanks very much.

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