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5 Layers; Door open in 2 Sides-Glass Laminating Furnace

Glass Laminating Furnace Five layers; Door open in both Sides_conew1
EVA Vacuum Glass Laminating Machine is a equipment specially designed for manufacturing laminated safety and decoration glass with Ethylene-vinyl acetate EVA Interlayer Film. The EVA Vacuum Glass Laminating Machine uses the silicone vacuum bag to make the pre-laminated glass is processing in the vacuum condition.It also possible to laminating EVA Interlayer Film with silk,paper, calligraphy and painting, ultraviolet radiation unilateralism film, switchblade film and so on. All kinds of art glass, decorated glass, privacy glass, safety glass and solar panel can be processed in the EVA Vacuum Glass Laminating Machine. Compared to autoclave producing line for Polyvinyl Butyral PVB Interlayer Film, the EVA Vacuum Glass Laminating Machine is much easier to operate and less cost to build., and more flexible and convenient for the designers and glass manufacturers.

EVA Glass Laminating Furnace(EVA Film, Silicone Vaccum Bag,Laminated Glass)

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