BREAKING NEWS: BRIDGESTONE will stop producing EVASAFE, but you can choose EVAFORCE to repalce EVASAFE!

We have received some inside news that the BRIDGESTONE will stop producing EVASAFE interlayer film in December 2017.

So many glass fabricators all over the world who are using EVASAFE interlayer films, will have to find a new supplier to replace EVASAFE interlayer film.

EVASAFE is good product, very stable quality and excllent light properties.
So not all the EVA Film brands in the market can be used to replace EVASAFE eva film.
Which type of EVA film in the market can be the best choice to replace EVASAFE?

We are confident here to share with you that, EVAFORCE EXTREME eva interlayer film made by CNCGLASS.COM can be one of the best choices to replace EVASAFE.

We have done many test of EVASAFE, and we knew EVASAFE very well. Based on the knowledges we had of the EVASAFE properties, we are sure to recommend you that our EVAFORCE EXTREME interlayer film can be one of the best choices to replace EVASAFE super clear interlayer film.

Here is the brief introduction of EVAFORCE EXTREME:

*Less overflowing during vacuuming heating
*Strengthened safety mechanical properties
*Recommended for extreme environments, safety tempered glazing or curved glass laminating
*Applied both indoor and outdoor
*Replacing PVB Film
We can offer you detail technical datasheet if you need.

We can also offer you free samples for you to do test, and compare to EVASAFE interlayer film by yourself.

It’s better you start to find a new supplier of EVA interlayer film to be the replacement of EVASAFE.

Because, the news we got is very solid, and the production of laminated glass may be affected if you don’t have a good supplier of EVA film when BRIDGESTONE shut down the EVASAFE produciton.
It’s better you start to find a alternative supplier now.

In the end, we want to thank BRIDGESTONE for the contributions they made to the EVA film industry, BRIDGESTONE is one of the pioneer in EVA film industry and has been a good leader in EVA interlayer market, teaching glaziers to turst eva film and try eva film in laminated glass.
Thanks to BRIDGESTONE, and EVASAFE team. We will always remmember you.

Our CNCGLASS.COM team will keep doing our best to R&D and producing best eva interlayer film for the glaziers all over the world.

This is Peter Lin.
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Thanks for your reading.