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How to Make Glass Laminated Bullet-Proof Glass

Today i read a good post of how to make glass laminated bullet-proof glass.
It’s very useful and clear of how to process it.
I think it’s helpful so i share it here.
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How to Make Glass Laminated Bullet-Proof Glass

Bullet-proof glass is made from different types of plastic, including glass laminate, polycarbonate, acrylic and glass-clad polycarbonate. The thickness of the material and refining process help to determine its strength. Laminating a pane of glass with a bullet-proof material will strengthen it and make it bullet-proof.
Remove the glass from its frame.

Position the glass on mount that is perfectly level.

Measure the dimensions of the glass.

Clean the glass with a rubbing alcohol-soaked paper towel. This leaves it spotless and clean.

Cut a clear glass clad polycarbonate pane to the dimensions of the glass.

Carefully pour a liquid clear polyurethane epoxy on to the glass. It should spread smoothly and evenly. Put a drop cloth under the edges of the glass because the epoxy will spill over. Pour enough on so the entire pane is coated thoroughly.

Carefully place the glass-clad polycarbonate pane on top of the glass.

Align the edges of both panes. Let the epoxy run off. Allow the weight of the glass-clad polycarbonate to push the epoxy off.

please go to following link to read it.

please go to following link to read it.

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Glass Sealant for EVA Laminated Glass

Glass Sealant for EVA Laminated Glass

When install EVA laminated glass, you will need the glass sealant.

There are many kinds of glass sealant. Some of them will do harm to the EVA laminated glass and make it delamination,having bubbles and color changing.

So it’s better you do some test first to make sure the glass sealant is friendly to the EVA laminated glass.

Now we normally introduce you use the neutral glass sealant.

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Attentions for Manufacturing Different Kind of Pre-Laminated Glass

Attentions for Manufacturing Different Kind of Pre-Laminated Glass

It's better not to laminate different kind of Pre-laminated glass at the same time.

Because the time and temperature they need may be different.
Generally speaking:
(1) Colored EVA Film need higher temperature than clear EVA Film.
(2) Thicker EVA Film or thicker glasses need longer heating time. 
(3) Sandwiched decorative interlayer like fabric need longer heating time than the simple no sandwiched laminated glass. 
(4) Sometimes, you the decorative interlayer can not stand higher temperature, may be you can processing in lower temperature and prolong the heating time. But for the detail data, you should ask the EVA Film manufacturer

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